Because Darby Island is a true tropical island, accessible only by boat or plane, our guests enjoy the privilege of being catered to on a very personal basis. Prior to your arrival, you will be apprised of the many activities and excursions Darby Island and the Exumas offer.

Activities include snorkeling, fishing, beaching and exploring. Some guests just want to relax in their private island paradise with family or friends.

A favorite snorkeling dive spot is our harbor nestled between Big and Little Darby. This dive guarantees sightings of our friendly Eagle or Leopard Rays. Families of these beautiful stingrays regularly glide through the crystal clear waters that flow between the islands. Another favorite dive spot on the opposite end of Little Darby boasts a shallow coral reef teaming with exotic sea life and many types of beautiful coral.

The local waters provide deep-sea fishing in Exuma Sound or flats fishing on the Great Bahama Bank. Billfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Grouper and Bonefish are just a few of the local species inhabiting these waters.

The beaches that dot the Darby Islands are nothing short of spectacular. If you want privacy, even from family or friends, there are enough beaches to go around. There you will find snow-white sand, sparkling clear water and hammocks hung under shady palms and hardwoods. A.J. Beach on little Darby will probably be the most beautiful beach you have ever seen. Cookouts featuring fresh fish and lobster are a favorite pastime among our guests.

For the adventurous, local caves on Big Darby and surrounding islands provide opportunity to explore the rural beauty of the Exuma Islands. Many caves offer well-lit large cathedral ceilings that you can actually walk through. Other areas such as Normans Pond and thunderball cave offer additional venues for their natural beauty and proximity to local settlements such as Farmers and Stanial Cay. These settlements offer local bahamian fares such as straw markets, woodcarvings and local restaurants.

Whatever level of adventure you seek from swimming with the rays and sharks to relaxing at the beach with a good book, the Darby Islands offer guests a private tropical retreat most people can only dream about.