No matter how hard we try, nature, salt, and sand may conspire against us in our attempt to bring you our idea of a perfect tropical island paradise. We have backup equipment for all essential services, and in general any inconvenience is short lived.

The weather has, on very rare occasions, prevented us from landing or departing on our intended day. We strongly suggest that you leave an extra day for travel at the end of your stay and do not make non refundable reservations or tight airline connections.

The pristine and remote location of the Darbys are what draw many of our guests. This unique setting requires that one use common sense and not overextend physical limits or take unnecessary risks. We have some limited medical supplies on the island and there are means of evacuation in the event of serious illness.

Some simple water conservation measures may be necessary at certain times of the year to prevent shortages or exceeding our fresh water generating capacity. These will be explained by the staff if needed.

Almost all of the potential problems we encounter are short lived. If you can survive minor inconveniences with a little good humor, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable and quite unique vacation.